Saban news catches LSU commit by surprise

Tyler (Texas) Lee offensive guard Ciron Black made his verbal commitment to Nick Saban's LSU Tiger program in August before he played a down in his senior season. Now, the three-star rated prospect is finding himself making adjustments to his thinking as he processes the news of Saban's departure for the NFL's Miami Dolphins.
"I'm surprised, because I didn't know he had taken the job," the 6-foot-5, 315-pound Black said when asked for his reaction to the news. "I just found out about it when you asked me that question. I haven't had much time to watch television with our family here and all of the things we had going on. I would say that it puts a damper on my commitment right now."
The talk of the Dolphins luring Saban away was not a new topic to Black.

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"I've talked about this with my parents," he said. "This isn't a new topic, but it kind of screws things up. We'll definitely talk about it some more, now.
"I'll talk to the offensive line coach (Stacy Searles) and see what he is saying about this before I draw any conclusions. It kind of pushes me away from going there. I would say I'm between the three schools. It will be Oklahoma State, LSU or Texas. I'm still committed to LSU, but I'm going to visit all three schools. I'm scheduled to visit LSU the weekend of Jan. 14 and then Oklahoma State the next week (Jan. 21). Texas was wanting me to go there the 21st, but I already had the Oklahoma State trip scheduled, so I will be going to Texas the weekend of Jan. 28."
Black is looking forward to all three official visits next month.
"LSU is still in my thoughts, it's just that this news just kind of pushes me away. I want to see what the other schools have to offer me now for sure."