Ruth has options, favors two

There's a certain satisfaction that comes with receiving a scholarship offer from an in-state program.
Alec Ruth doesn't live far from the Colorado campus. The running back he blocks for on Friday nights has an offer from Colorado. Ruth himself is in contact with the CU staff often, and he thinks something on the offer front may pop in the near future.
He isn't pining over the hometown team, though. The 298-pound tackle has options, and he's exploring them. Ruth lists offers from Oregon State, Kansas State, San Diego State and Northern Colorado . He already has a short list of favorites, too.

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"I would say that K-State and Oregon State are my two favorites right now," Ruth said.
When he breaks down the reasons why the Wildcats and Beavers lead his list of options, he doesn't mention the chance to play BCS-level football, even if that's the obvious the driving factor. Instead, he talks about relationships.
"I really like the staff up at Oregon State and what they have to offer," he said. "I feel like their program as a whole is heading in a good direction. The same goes for K-State with Coach [Bill] Snyder. He's really built that program from the ground and installed the DNA. I look at that like my high school, where we started to where we are. My coach really put the DNA in our program.
"Oregon State and K-State are both really interesting to me."
Ruth's interest level is high enough to warrant travel. He says he's uncertain whether or not he'll be able to make it to Oregon State this summer. He may save that trip for the fall and use an official visit to tour the Beavers' campus. Travel to K-State, on the other hand, is easy.
It's also already booked.
"I'm headed out to Manhattan on July 29 until Aug. 1," Ruth said. "That's already set. I'm going out to tour the school and look at the campus and stuff. I'm going to try to go to Oregon State maybe later that week, but it really depends on the expenses and the time."
Whatever the case, Ruth says he will definitely make it Oregon State eventually.
"Colorado is definitely interest. I talk to the coaches and stuff. They just let me know where they're at with everything. I went out to Nebraska's camp, and they said they were looking closely at me. So, hopefully, those two will be there."
As a junior, Ruth, who plays his high school football at Colorado powerhouse Valor Christian, help lead the Eagles to 12-2 overall record and a state championship.