Rutgers, WVU pursuing Royster

Junior safety Sheldon Royster is having a strong season for Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter's Prep, and his stock should continue to climb as we move into the next calendar year.
Royster has already picked up written offers from Rutgers and West Virginia, and while he plans on taking a hard look at each of those schools, as well as others, he isn't ready to break down the finer details of the recruiting process just yet.
"We're still playing so that's really my focus," he explained. "We've got Bergen Catholic in the semifinals and everything's going pretty good. I can't complain. Everybody's doing what they're supposed to do. We're looking to go back to Giants Stadium at the end of the season."

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Though Royster said he has not paid attention to his stats, he noted that he has lined up at every position in the secondary. Despite that versatility, he is confident most schools will be recruiting him as a safety.
How does he plan on handling the recruiting process from here on out?
"Since I've been pretty busy with my own season I'll just wait until the offseason to do anything," he continued. "It depends on how the conversation with my mother and the rest of my family goes. I just being patient. I'm ready (for visits) whenever, but it depends on that."
Royster said he is keeping his options open and does not have any favorites at this time. He said the biggest factors in his decision will be the availability of playing time and how he will fit into each program's defensive schemes.