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Rutgers offers in-state junior

Rutgers has done a good job of developing a popular brand in recent years, especially among New Jersey prospects.
The Scarlet Knights were recently the first to extend an offer to Charles Davis, arguably one of the top prospects in the Garden State's Class of 2011.
Davis, at 5-foot-11 and 191-pounds, has run the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds, bench presses more than 300 pounds, and has an impressive vertical leap of about 35 inches.
"We played our first game (Friday)," Davis reported. "We lost the game so it didn't go too good. The conditions were really bad. There was a muddy field and a lot of rain. It could have went either way. There were a lot of opportunities to win the game. It just didn't go in our favor."
Davis did not keep up with his stats from that first game. He's feeling a lot better about his overall game now than he did at this point last year.
"I think I've gained a little bit more weight and I'm lowering my shoulders and getting through holes better. My hands are better and I'm just a lot more confident."
What schools are involved with Davis?
"Well, the school everybody knows about is Rutgers since they gave me the offer. I've been getting letters from a whole lot of others. I've gotten the most from Virginia, Temple and LSU -- those three schools.
"I went to Rutgers' first game (against Cincinnati) and I was in the recruiting tent there. The coaches were talking to me, asking me questions and just making conversation."
Just how high is Rutgers on Davis' list? Has he thought about committing?
"They're my number one school," he admitted. "I thought about committing but I'm just gonna wait a while and see what else comes. But right now that's where I want to go."