Russell keeping things secret

KeiVarae Russell has mixed emotions about his recruitment. The Everett (Wash.) Mariner all-purpose back is happy to have double-digit offers but he's also cognizant enough to keep setting goals and keep working hard so more schools recruit him.
That's driving Russell, a 6-foot, 170-pound prospect, through the recruiting process as he starts to privately knock some schools off his list and focus on a select few.
"I'm happy every day but at the end of the day I frown because I'm happy with the offers but I'm not satisfied," Russell said. "I get that up and down situation. I'm getting offers but then I'm like I want more.

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"The reason I'm happy is because this doesn't happen to everybody. Not many people even get like over two Division I offers. Being a junior and getting 12 so far and not even showcasing myself at any camps, I'm blessed to get over 10 with what I've done so far. I'm happy with it. I love it because people are starting to realize what I can do on the field. I can't complain at all."
Arizona, Oregon State and Idaho are the three latest offers for Russell, who also has Boise State, Cal, Notre Dame, Stanford, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Washington, Washington State and Wyoming on his list.
Russell said he's glad he has the idea planted in his head that he can always get more offers and have more options when decision time comes.
"I give it up to my mom and my family because they tell me to never settle for anything," Russell said. "They want me to keep pushing. You have to keep setting goals for yourself.
"My goal was to get 10 offers and now my goal is to get 20 offers. Once you meet your goals you feel satisfied for that moment but then you want something else. By signing day I'll be able to pick the school I want to go to possibly out of 20-something schools. It's going to feel good."
The rub is that Russell doesn't plan to make his list of favorite schools public until the summer. He fears that if some teams move up the charts then others might be hesitant to offer and he doesn't want to scare any programs away.
So until the summer, it could be a mystery as to which programs Russell truly favors.
"I'm going to start narrowing it down soon," he said. "As far as favorites, I'm not going to tell you guys probably until August. I want to go through the recruiting process.
"I don't want to get into it where people are saying, 'He's liking Washington' or 'He's liking Cal.' I'm liking those schools but I don't want that to influence another school and now they're not going to offer me because of that. I'm not going to tell you guys until I figure out some favorites in the summer."
More offers could be on the way especially after the spring camp season. Russell plans to attend the Seattle NIKE Camp for sure and is considering a trip to the Eugene NIKE Camp, too.