Rubenzer building buzz

Luke Rubenzer returns phone calls only after he gets in his throws for the day. He's apologetic, but football comes first. It's part of the reason he's being marketed is a "total-package" player.
On the field, the stats are there (2,834 passing yards and 1,184 rushing yards as a junior), and he's beginning to garner the reputation of a true duel-threat quarterback. His grades? Those are a bonus. His transcript is about as good as they come. Then there's the fact that his high school coach will rave about his signal-caller's character and work ethic to anyone willing to listen.
When you know all of that, it seems fitting that that first two programs to extend scholarship offers are service academies. Air Force joined Navy on Rubenzer's offer list earlier this week, leaving him just one military branch short of a monopoly. Rubenzer says he has to ties to the service and didn't exactly grow up dreaming of playing for one of the academies, but that's not to say he's turning his nose up at the opportunity.

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"I heard that after you get one academy, they all hop on board to see what everyone is looking at," Rubenzer said following his Friday workout. "They have great education and great benefits after you graduate. They're up on my list for sure, but I'm still waiting. My coach is really marketing me as a "total package," I guess. I get good grades and stuff. I think I'm what they're looking for."
But Rubenzer hopes this is just the start. And at such an early juncture, it seems as though it might be. Boise State has been in pursuit for some time, though, no offer from the Broncos has come as of yet. Georgia Tech recently got involved as well.
So while his offer lists currently sits at two and there's no BCS School in the bunch, that could change in a hurry. Recruiting momentum is a funny thing, after all. These things have a tendency to snowball.
"Boise State's quarterback coach came down a couple weeks ago," Rubenzer said. "I've talked to him a bunch of times. We email back and forth, too. Also, Georgia Tech just recently has shown a lot of interest. It's kind of out of nowhere. One of the coaches there added me on Facebook. They actually emailed my coach today asking for transcripts. Arizona State and Arizona, the two in-state schools, are talking quite a bit, too."
Rubenzer is open to all comers and won't put boundaries on his recruitment. Close to home, the east coast, the south; it's all the same to him. There are, however, dream schools in play.
Now, it's just a matter of whether or not the interest is ever returned.
"I don't know if I'm even on their radar or anything, but a school like Notre Dame is my dream," Rubenzer said. "That's everyone's dream school. Actually, even a school like Boise State. I've followed Boise State for probably five or six years. It seems like I would fit that system really well. There's positive energy through that entire organization. They're probably the top of my list. If Cal started showing interest, I'd be really high on that. Another school would be, like, Texas A&M."
Rubenzer, who plays for Scottsdale (Ariz.) Saguaro High School, plans to attend Boise State's spring game and coinciding junior day. Other than that, no travel plans have been set.
In addition to the 4,018 total offensive yards he accumulated as a junior, Rubenzer scored 46 total touchdowns and tossed six interceptions.