Rowell thinking about visits

Harrisburg (Pa.) Central Dauphin junior offensive guard Artie Rowell has been enjoying the holiday season, but he hasn't been taking too much of a break.
The 6-foot-3, 280-pound lineman is working hard to prepare for a round of combines and camps in the coming weeks and months.
"I've been enjoying the holidays with my family and there's also been a lot of working out," Rowell said. "I'm preparing for the (U.S.) Army (All-American) Combine down in Texas. That, and I'm trying to plan some of these visits and junior days coming up in January and February.

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"I want to get out to Pitt and Rutgers, since I've got something in the mail from Rutgers. The only junior day invites I got were from Pitt, Rutgers and Michigan. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make the Michigan one, but I'll definitely go to Pitt and I'll definitely go to Rutgers. Both are pretty close, and maybe I'll go to some other schools, too."
Rowell said he would like to visit two more schools that are considered big names in the college football world.
"I would like to get up to Penn State, and I've been getting mail from Notre Dame. I went up to Notre Dame this fall when they played Boston College, and I'm starting to get some mail now that coach (Brian) Kelly is out there. I'd like a little more contact with them."
Pitt is the only school to extend an offer to Rowell thus far.