Rouse is happy with Wisconsin

ORLANDO, Fla. - Linebacker Kevin Rouse is set to play in the East Meets West game Saturday with a broken nose.
"I broke my nose Wednesday when we were doing inside run drills without helmets," said Rouse. "I knew it was broken right when it happened. I felt it and it started pouring out blood immediately. Blood is still all over my jersey, but it feels okay."
His nose feels fine, but his head is bothering him a little.

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"I have had a lot of headaches since then," he said. "I am going to tough it out and play Saturday for sure. I will probably break it again, but it will be okay. I am just ready to go."
The preparation is over and Rouse is now ready for the game.
"It has been a great week down here with all the competition. It has been a great experience to see who else is out there and who you will be competing against on the college level. We have practiced hard all week and now we are ready to play the game."
Rouse said, "I feel I have stacked up pretty well out here."
"I think I had a rough start after I broke my nose, but I think I have gotten a lot better since then. Andrew Daniels (Penn State commitment) impressed me a good bit and Rennie Curran (Georgia commitment), but I think I can play with those guys."
The Iowa Hawkeyes received a commitment from Rouse first, but he has since committed to Wisconsin and he is happy to be a Badger.
"I am excited about Wisconsin, especially about the big Bowl win this week," Rouse said. "I originally committed to Iowa, but once I got to know the coaching staff at Wisconsin, I knew that was the place for me."
"The coaching staff is great and they really proved themselves to me and a lot of other people this year. I am not looking anywhere else. I am one-hundred percent committed to Wisconsin."
Before signing with Wisconsin in February, Rouse had a big game to play and he feels the East is ready.
"Oh yeah, we are ready," he said. "The coaches out here are very intense and they don't want to lose. They have been passing down their intensity to the players and we will be ready to go."