Roundtree proves he belongs

CLEVELAND – Trotwood Madision receiver Roy Roundtree is one of the best kept secrets in the state of Ohio.
The 6-foot-1, 156-pound pass catcher is quickly starting to catch on with the college coaches and after a solid outing at Tuesday's Elite Skills Camp at the Cleveland Browns Stadium, look for his stock to move up even more.
"It was a really good camp for me," he said. "It was my second time going to a camp like this since I got to Trotwood. The first time was the NIKE Camp last year. This was the first camp that I went to this year, and I really liked it. To get to play in the Cleveland Browns Stadium, it was kind of windy, but it was still nice. I really liked it."

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There was plenty to like about Roundtree's game.
Roundtree has a great frame that will easily allow him to add weight, plus he showed a good burst off the line of scrimmage that helps prove that he likely does run in the self-reported 4.4-second range. Roundtree also displayed good hands as virtually everything that was thrown to him that was a catchable pass was caught.
"I think I did great," he said. "I didn't drop that many passes and I caught every pass that was thrown to me accurately. I went hard and I ran good routes. I was kind of nervous because of all the coaches here, and I wasn't used to it, but I got used to it. I think I ran through my routes right and I got my steps down and everything. I think that's what I did the best today."
Roundtree already has four offers on the table from Nebraska, Eastern Michigan, Miami University and Toledo. He said he's really excited about his most recent offer – the offer from the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
"Nebraska is my biggest offer on the table now," he said. "They're always showing me very good interest. The other day I bumped into coach (Joe) Rudolph at school. We shook hands and he presented himself well. He's always texting me, too. That's a good school for me for now."
Roundtree said he was a little shocked when he got the offer from Nebraska.
"When coach told me about the offer, I was like 'Nebraska, are you sure they offered me.' " Roundtree said.
"And he was like 'yes they offered you.' I was shocked with that. My dad is now looking forward to going to one of their camps with me, so we're still talking about that. If we can work around his schedule, we're going to try to get up there."
Toledo, Miami and Eastern Michigan are also very good options, but Roundtree admits he has his eyes on two other schools that aren't too far from home.
"I want to hear from Cincinnati and Kentucky," Roundtree said. "Kentucky is a school I've always wanted to play at, and Cincinnati is where most of my team is trying to go. I wouldn't mind going down there with them. I also like Cincinnati because it's my cousin went there. He didn't play football or anything. He's in law school, and he said it's really nice."