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Ross talks favorites, potential visits

O.J. Ross is a speedy receiver from the state of Florida. Ross, 5-10 and 176 pounds, is from Daytona Beach Mainland High School. Last season as a junior he caught 34 passes for 693 yards and 10 touchdowns.
"I think my game is a lot like Percy Harvin," Ross said. "I am dangerous in space and a big play guy. I also get separation from the defenders. But I also know that I need to work on every part of my game. I know I can always get better, especially with route running and catching the ball. I mean I am always working on every part of my game."
According to Ross he has scholarship offers from 18 schools. Of the schools that have offered he does have some favorites. He even knows of some visits he would like to take this fall.
"I want to take some visits during the season for sure. I want to go see Rutgers, South Carolina, North Carolina, Purdue and maybe Texas Tech.
"The Rutgers coaches seem real cool. I have a good relationship with them. I talk with them about every week. In fact I was just watching them play today (against Navy on Direct TV).
"I really like South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier Jr. We have a real good relationship. I saw him this spring and since then we have been talking a lot.
"I always like UNC growing up. Vince Carter went to Mainland. So I like both their football and basketball teams. I am used to watching them. I also play them when I am playing the video games.
"The Purdue coaches are telling me I could make a big impact there, that I can get playing time. And I want to play immediately.
"Texas Tech has that offense. I love that offense. It would be great to play in that offense. It really doesn't get any better than that.
"Right now you could say I am open minded about all of these schools. I just want to stay focused on the season ahead."