Rosebud wants to follow his brother

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Plenty of people have been asking about his step-brother Richetti Jones and where he's heading for school, but it appears Larry Rosebud will have just as much of an effect on his brother's decision as his own.
The 5-foot-10, 170-pound cornerback would like to attend the same school as Jones, but is still waiting on a few options to surface. Oklahoma State and Florida to be two schools on his mind.
"We want to go to the same college," Rosebud said about Jones. "We've been around each other this long and we want to stay together. Oklahoma State and Florida are the ones that Richetti talks about to me and that's what we're looking at."
The Cowboys have yet to offer, but Rosebud says that the first few games into the season things could change.
"They haven't told me about an offer, but they said they're waiting on the first few games this year to make that happen," Rosebud said. "It's just a good community and I like the vibe there. It's pretty nice."
Florida appears to be a big possibility with scholarship offers on the table to both Jones and Rosebud.
"We plan to visit there sometime soon," Rosebud said. "I don't know exactly the date. We've talked about them quite a big. We'll probably commit around the same time. I don't know if it will be the same day, but it should be close."
Wisconsin and Purdue were the latest two new offers for Rosebud.