Rollins lines up first visit

Three-star defensive back Roderick Rollins of Dallas Skyline plays on a team that's loaded with Division I talent and some times it's easy to forget how talented the 6-foot-1, 170-pound safety. But with multiple scholarship offers, a slew of interested programs and some great postseason and preseason accolades Rollins truly is a player worthy of a three-star ranking.
What's even more impressive is that he's refined his game even more than before.
"I've improved my speed and my technique a whole lot," Rollins said. "We scrimmaged North Garland this past weekend, and I had two interceptions. We held Dante Bean in check. I didn't see anything from him that blew me away."
Up next for Skyline and Rollins is a battle this weekend against North Mequite.
"I know a couple of the guys in the team, especially Al'Darius Thompson," Rollins said. "We used to play against each other in pee-wee. He's pretty good and has good feet. If he comes near me, I'm going to hit him hard and hit him hard all game."
Rollins has listed Boston College and Kansas State as his top teams for the past few months, and a third team has now joined the mix and a first official visit has been lined up.
"It's looking like my top teams are Boston College, Kansas State and Oklahoma State is creeping up there," Rollins said. "Minnesota and Arizona or Arizona State is probably going to be a place I'd visit."
Speaking of visits, Rollins said he's lined up his first to BC on September 16.
"That's for the Florida State game," Rollins said. "They have a good program and a great academic situation. They have one of the best cornerbacks and defensive ends in the business. It's a possibility that I could commit, but the plan now is to take everything slow and take my visits."
Taking it slow could open the door for other teams to get in the mix. Rollins said he hopes to hear from Oklahoma and Texas A&M after September 1. He took an unofficial visit to Norman this summer, but was not able to make it to College Station for the Aggies' summer camp. TCU and Baylor have also offered him a scholarship.