Rolle returns from Miami

Princeton (N.J.) The Hun School cornerback Myron Rolle took an unofficial visit to Oklahoma last weekend and followed it up with a trip to Miami this weekend. Rolle met with players, coaches and even ex-coaches at Oklahoma. So how did his visit to Miami go and where do the Hurricanes stand on his list?
"Miami was good, very good," said the 6-foot-2, 204-pounder. "It was almost the same as Oklahoma based on the itinerary and touring the facilities and the meetings. The biggest difference was that there were so many Miami football alums at the spring game, which was impressive."
Rolle had a chance to chat with former Hurricane players like Warren Sapp, Antrel Rolle and Brock Berlin.

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"I talked to Antrel before halftime of the game and we talked a bit about playing cornerback at Miami and the school itself," he said. "I spent a lot of time with Brock Berlin and talked about the differences between Florida and Miami and he had a lot of positive things to say about playing in Miami."
Rolle also met former Hurricanes coach Jimmy Johnson.
"That was nice, because I got to meet Barry Switzer at Oklahoma and Jimmy Johnson at Miami," he explained. "I also met with Miami President Donna Shalala and Provost Dr. Glazer. They had it all prepared and did it well because they know I'm interest in Neurology and Dr. Glazer is a Neurologist. Miami thought this visit through."
Rolle also had a chance to talk to some of the current players to see how he fit in.
"I talked mainly with the defensive backs and they are fun guys," he said. "You can tell they have fun, but when it comes time to get serious, they get locked in and focused. I also like the way Randy Shannon (defensive coordinator) doesn't yell to get his point across, he teaches. He'll stop and ask someone a question and correct them if they're doing it wrong."
Rolle met with Larry Coker, Tim Walton (defensive backs coach) and Shannon for around two hours, talking about the system.
"It's an easy system to learn," he said. "It's not really complex and they like the size I can bring to the position. Antrel Rolle was looking at me and was surprised because he thought he was the biggest corner or one of the biggest cornerbacks around and then he saw me."
Miami also talked about the opportunity to play in the NFL.
"At one point, on their roster, they had Phillip Buchanon, Ed Reed, Antrel Rolle, Mike Rumph and Sean Taylor," he said. "They all became first round draft choices. I know a lot of schools produce NFL players as well, but Miami certainly makes you more marketable."
Was Rolle tempted to commit on either his Miami or Oklahoma visits?
"I would say yes on both and that's the emotional side of things," he said. "You can't help but picture yourself wearing that green uniform and running out through the smoke or playing in front of thousands of screaming fans at Oklahoma with the Sooner Schooner going by. That's why you need to step away from it for a little bit and digest it."
Rolle's final five include the Sooners and Hurricanes as well as Michigan, Florida and Florida State. Or does it?
"That's my five right now and I don't see that changing, but other teams aren't giving up," he said. "Texas just offered me and told me I'm their No. 1 guy outside of the state of Texas. They're recruiting me hard. Notre Dame is on me very hard as is Southern Cal, Tennessee, Louisville and Georgia. All of them feel I'm a great player and worth the effort even though I've narrowed it down to five schools. You never know what could happen, but I'm happy with my five now."
Rolle will head off to Ann Arbor, Michigan next weekend to visit Lloyd Carr and the Wolverines. In May he'll visit Florida and Florida State.