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Rolle ready for visits

Princeton (N.J.) The Hun School defensive back Myron Rolle is one of the most coveted players in the country for 2006. While many expected Rolle to wait until the start of his football season to narrow down his choices, the talented cornerback is already down to five finalists for his services. He'll be taking unofficial visits to three of those schools during the next three weekends. Could an early decision be in the works?
"There's a chance I could commit early, maybe before my season starts," said the 6-foot-2, 204-pounder in a rare interview on Wednesday night. "That's not my plan right now, but it could happen. Our quarterback at The Hun, Dom Natale, committed early and said it really helped him maintain focus during the season. I'm enrolling early like he did and will have to decide by December, but if I feel comfortable before the season starts, I might commit."
The five finalists for Rolle are Oklahoma, Miami, Michigan, Florida State and Florida. He's visiting three of them during the month of April.
"I go to Oklahoma this weekend," he said. "I'm leaving Friday early and my itinerary is all set. I'll be back on Sunday night. Then next weekend I'm going to Miami for an unofficial, probably with a teammate of mine (Miami signee Luqman Abdallah). The following weekend I'll be at Michigan. By the end of the summer I'll have seen all five of my favorites."
Rolle was at Florida State last season for a game and plans on visiting Florida in May.
"I don't have the date set or anything," he said. "I might also stop by Florida State again while I'm down there."
Could any other teams sneak in and replace one of his top five?
"No, I'm pretty solid on my five schools," he said. "I'll be going to one of them to play football."
Rolle has 43 written offers at last count and every school on his list had told him he could play one of many positions.
"They've all pretty much said it was my choice," he said. "I've been told I could play running back, H-back, wide receiver, cornerback or safety. I've decided I want to play cornerback at the next level."
Rolle hasn't made that decision lightly. He's done his research.
"There are as many as seven cornerbacks projected to go in the first round of the NFL draft this year," he said. "Quarterback is the highest paid position in the NFL and right behind that is cornerback. I just feel that with my size and speed I could be unique at the position. I'm telling all five of the schools I want to play cornerback."
Rolle has done his homework on his final five as well when it comes to corners.
"Oklahoma had a great defensive backs class last year, but I'm not afraid of competition," he said. "Certain places I can see where I'd have to wait my turn a little bit. Florida has a guy like Dee Webb and I can't see myself playing over a superstar like that. Michigan has Ryan Mundy and everyone I'm looking at has talent at cornerback."
He's also looked at which schools put the most players in the NFL.
"Not just cornerbacks, but players overall," he said. "I think that shows how good the coaches are at each school. All of the schools on my list have a great track record of sending players to the NFL so that won't be a big factor. It's really going to come down to how I fit in and how comfortable I am."
Rolle grew up a fan of Florida State and Penn State.
"When I was growing up, everyone around here liked Penn State a lot," he said. "And Florida State was always in the hunt for a national title. That won't factor in my decision either though."
Rolle will be working out only once this spring and summer it seems.
"I'll be at the NIKE Camp at Penn State and will work out there," he said. "I'm going to the Elite College Combine on May 4th, but I won't be working out."
Rolle needs to make his decision by Christmas to enroll at the school of his choice for January.
"My situation is a little different, but I still have plenty of time to make sure I make the right decision," he said. "Like I said, if I feel comfortable and know where I want to be, I'll consider committing. If not, I'll wait."