Rolf adds more offers

Piqua, Ohio, outside linebacker David Rolf already had a Ball State offer on his resume, but during the spring evaluation process he added new offers from Central Michigan and Eastern Michigan.
"I've heard from a lot of MAC schools like Central, Eastern, and Western Michigan," Rolf, who is 6-foot-4 and 212 pounds, said. "Ball State State is definitely interested, and I was talking to Northwestern the other night. Some other Big 10 schools seem interested, and so does Stanford some."
Rolf said a few schools want him to come to camp to prove he's worthy of a scholarship offer.
"Northwestern wants me to come up there for their camp," he said. "I'm not sure if I'll go yet, but I'd like to so most likely. I just know I'm going to Ball State's camp for sure because my brother (Pete Rolf) wants me to go to that one because he goes there. Then I'm going with our quarterback to Vanderbilt's camp as well."
Rolf said he's not sure if having a brother at Ball State will help the Cardinals out of not.
"He will kind of play a role," he said. "But it will basically be like my parents and my coach."
Rolf is already excited about his senior season.
"We start against St. Mary's, I think," he said. "We should win. They're a smaller school than we are but we just couldn't pick up another game. We've got a lot of expectations after winning state last year. We lost a lot of people but we've still got a lot of talent coming back."