Roh impressed by Leach

Jake Roh left his visit to Washington State with a better grasp of the program. He caught a game, met with coaches and ate some free food -- you know, the standard official-visit tour of duty. In the end, it was enough to allow the Scottsdale (Ariz.) Chaparral athlete to return home with a not-so-unique view of first-year Cougar head coach Mike Leach.
The first impression was certainly nothing new.
"He's a kind of a strange guy," Roh said with a laugh.

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"Strange" is not pejorative. Not when Roh uses it in reference to Leach, anyway. If that wasn't clear from the jump, it becomes that way as he continues to speak.
"If you saw him in the street, you wouldn't think he's a football coach, but the dude is a genius," Roh said. "He's amazing. He made Texas Tech a powerhouse. I really enjoyed talking to him. He's always real. I like him a lot."
Turns out, Roh quite enjoys "strange." He also enjoys small. The three-star prospect has high praise for Pullman and says he'd rather attend school in a true college town than a metro area. Another point for Washington State.
"The small town is a big plus," Roh Said. "You walk around and people know the football players everywhere. I think that's pretty cool. "
Washington State and Duke have been viewed as the co-favorites to land Roh for some time. That hasn't changed totally. But with Boise State now getting in the mix, there's a certain level of shift in thinking taking place.
Roh will visit Boise on Dec. 7, just a week after his Nov. 30 trip to Duke. A decision could come soon after he wraps up his travel, but that timetable is subject to change should new teams join the fray.
"I'm still kind of open with my recruitment," Roh said. "Things are kind of flat right now, so I'm waiting to see if some other schools offer. Right now, things are kind of back to even. I just need to these visits and see where things go from there. "
Led by Roh, who plays both linebacker and wide receiver, Chaparral amassed a 7-3 regular-season record.
Roh's brother, Craig, plays linebacker at Michigan.