Rodgers thinking about dates for officials

Na'Ty Rodgers has pretty much settled on the five schools that he considers his finalists and those are the schools he will officially visit.
Arkansas, Washington , Oklahoma , Maryland and South Carolina are at the front of Rodgers' mind and those are the schools he plans to take officials to between now and Signing Day.
"I've pretty much narrowed it down to those schools," Rodgers said, echoing previous comments he had made to that effect. "But if a new school came and got involved then they wouldn't be out of place or anything."

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The 6-foot-5, 278-pound offensive guard from Pomfret (Md.) McDonough has been busy preparing for his senior season but he and his teammates recently visited a local school still in contention.
"I took a visit to Maryland for a team camp but that's the only thing I've done lately," Rodgers explained. "I did talk to the coaches a little bit but (the visit) was more about my team. I was trying to stay away from the college stuff for the most part."
While Rodgers has a pretty good idea of where he will be going on his official visits he still has to decide when those visits will be taking place.
Over the weekend Rodgers said it's very likely that he will attend Arkansas' home game against LSU, which always occurs at the end of the regular season. He's still trying to figure out when he will visit his other four favorites.
The No. 6 prospect in the state of Maryland recently said he plans to announce his decision after his senior season, and he also admitted that South Carolina and Maryland have a slight lead over the other three schools he's listing.