Robinson stays grounded

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Outside linebacker Keenan Robinson isn't going to do a lot of talking after he lays a big hit.
The 6-foot-3, 211-pound Texas recruit has had a few jarring hits in practice that have had his teammates and coaches talking. Robinson says that's just the way he plays and what he is looking forward to bringing to the Longhorns. Robinson certainly isn't one to brag about his own abilities.
That's a big reason why he's excited to be involved in the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl this Thursday night and ready to bring that humble attitude to Austin, Texas.

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"I'm representing Plano (Texas) East football, our district, and all of my peers," Robinson said. "Not everyone gets a chance to play in a game like this. I wanted to show everyone how tough we do things at Plano East and how hard our district is."
Robinson committed just weeks after the previous Texas class had signed their letters of intent in late February of last year. That's given a lot of schools some time to send text messages or try to get him to look around.
He's not having any of that.
"Most of the coaches have figured out by this point, you'd think, that 'hey, we need to give up on this kid because he's definitely going to Texas,'" Robinson said. "So, now, they finally have backed off since they know I'm not budging on this commitment.
"First it was because Texas had won a national title. Then it was the coaching staff and I liked how they were a great family. Now, I'm just looking forward to coming in after they lose some linebackers."
The Texas coaches have told Robinson that he will join 2006 top linebacker recruits Jared Norton and Sergio Kindle to make up one very impressive group of defenders some day.
"They say we'll all start together," Robinson said about Kindle and Norton. "Having three big, fast, athletic kids up there at the same time isn't a bad thing. I've talked to them about it. They're just excited for me to get down there too.
"Just like me, they're young guys looking to step in and make a play."