Robinson plans trip before decision

Ron Robinson could be much closer to a decision but first the Corona (Calif.) Santiago defensive back wants to visit Northwestern sometime in July.
UCLA and Northwestern are the two frontrunners for Robinson, his two offers, and Robinson said he wants to check out the Big Ten program before finalizing anything.
"Northwestern is still pulling on me and I'm supposed to take a trip out there this month to see what it's all about because I haven't been out there before," Robinson said.

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To the Corona Santiago standout, both schools should be given a fair shake before making a pledge to either one.
"I wanted to see what stuff was about before I made any decisions," Robinson said. "I haven't given Northwestern a fair chance because I haven't even been out there. I wanted to see how everything was out there before I made any decisions."
Robinson was offered right after UCLA's camp in recent weeks and some believed a quick commitment would be made but that was not the case.
The 6-foot-2, 190-pound recruit said the Bruins' coaching staff is letting him go through the process and is not pushing for any snap decision.
Still, Robinson said after his Northwestern trip he should have a much better plan for what he wants to do moving forward.
"They're kind of letting me do my own thing," Robinson said of the Bruins. "They're still recruiting me tough when we talk every week but they haven't been pushing for a commitment or anything.
"I'll probably have a better idea what I want to do after the (Northwestern) trip."