Robinson has two prospects to watch for 2011

Fairfax (Va.) Robinson had a major Division I prospect in 2010 in linebacker Brian Laiti. The school features two more prospects for 2011. has all the details inside.
One of those to watch is 6-foot-0, 185-pound safety Jared Velasquez.
"He's a Division I prospect. I don't think anybody can dispute that," Robinson head coach Mark Bendorf said. "He started two years ago as a sophomore in the secondary and had a breakout junior year.
"He played both sides of the football. He was exceptional in the secondary and was equally impressive rushing the ball with 1,313-yards. He's equally adept at either side of the ball and he's a very good kick returner."
Bendorf went further about Velasquez.
"He's got a lot of positive qualities," he said. "He's very instinctive and has good anticipation on defense. He's also very coachable. On offense he's a good ball carrier and sees things develop and is explosive through the hole. He's good in the open field and good out of the backfield as a receiver. He's a sure handed punt returner too. I think the biggest thing is that he's very unselfish. He doesn't care about his statistics. He's a team player first."
Velasquez carries an impressive 3.3 GPA.
Joining Velasquez in the 2011 class is 6-foot-3, 182-pound wide receiver Matt Zanellato.
"He has 70 career receptions including 40 this past year. He made all-region again this season," he said. "He had a very good junior year and the statistics show that.
"He's got good ball skills and is taller than a lot of defensive backs."
Interest is just beginning for both prospects according to Bendorf.
"For Jared, he burst onto the scene as a junior and since the season went long we just got film out. I think April and May will be an important time for him," he said. "With Matt, he's getting a lot of requests for film. He made a few trips this fall to games. I think this summer will be important for him too."