Robertsons recruitment changing

Dominique Robertson's recruitment is full of late movement. Changes seem to happen as soon as plans are set. So the fact that his scheduled visit to Washington State, a trip that was slated to take place this weekend, has been canceled is in fitting with the larger theme.
Robertson's recruitment is morphing, and it's doing so in a hurry.
"Washington State wanted me to move the trip back to Jan. 30, so we cancelled it," Robertson said. "I might go on the 30th, but it's not confirmed yet. I don't know why they moved it. They said it was a better weekend for them. I may actually go to Texas Tech this weekend instead, but that's not definite yet."
Robertson hopes to settle things with Texas Tech in the next two days, but the biggest change may be on the horizon. Oklahoma has recently gotten involved in the Riverside (Calf.) Community College tackle's recruitment and is slated to drop by his school in the next two weeks to grab an in-person look.
If all goes well and offer will follow. And if that happens, a flight to Norman, Okla., will immediately appear on Robertson's travel itinerary.
"I like Oklahoma," Robertson said. "I want to visit Oklahoma for sure. I'll probably just visit Arizona, Oklahoma and maybe Texas Tech."
According to Robertson, a pecking order is beginning to establish itself. He isn't ready to name a leader, but he has a small group of frontrunners in mind.
"Right now it's Kansas State, Oklahoma and Arizona at the top," Robertson said.
Robertson, the No. 72-ranked player in the Rivals JUCO100, has tentative plans to announce on national signing day but has not totally ruled out an earlier decision.
"I'm just trying to find the place that will best allow me to be successful and get to that next level," Robertson said. "When I find that, I'll know. But I'm gonna sign on signing day."