Robert Jordan: Back From Kansas State

Hayward (Calif.) wide receiver Robert Jordan visited Kansas State and said the trip was the best one he has taken so far. Was it enough to push the Wildcats ahead of the Cal Golden Bears?
“I knew I would have a great time out there because my brother (Randy Jordan) plays on the team,” Jordan said. “It was great to see him and he took good care of me. It was the best trip I’ve taken so far. Kansas State is a college town and I loved the atmosphere there. Everyone is so focused on football, from the coaches on down to the players.
“Watching the team practice, it was amazing what kind of athletes they have. The team is just so big and physical and the practices were intense from start to finish. If you go to Kansas State, you know you’re going to get great coaching and have a chance to make the league (NFL). It’s like an investment, you go there and put the work in, and it could pay off big with a future in the pros.”
So is there a new leader for Jordan.
“No, Cal is still my top school,” Jordan said. “Just because this was my best trip doesn’t mean I’m going to go there now. I’m not going to base my whole decision just on my trips. Cal is a great school and I like how it’s local and they’re on the rise. I still want to talk to my brother about some things and I’m still going to take a visit to Oregon (Jan. 9) but Cal is still looking good for me right now.”