Rivals250 WR updates top schools

[rl]With the Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge coming up at Soldier Field in Chicago, Jamil Kamara has decided to make a few cuts to his list to help him stay focused on football. The Rivals250 wide receiver from Virginia Beach (Va.) Catholic announced yesterday that his official top seven, in alphabetical order, is Miami, Michigan State, N.C. State, Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt, Virginia and Wisconsin.
The 6-foot-1, 202-pound Kamara explained why each school is still in play.
Miami - "My friend Travis Williams from Lake Taylor went there," Kamara said. "When I was talking to the receivers coach, he told me they like big receivers like me. They are showing a lot of interest and that makes a big difference for me. They are showing that they really want me."

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Michigan State - "The receivers coach came down to see me," he said. "We talked later that night and he was really cool and we've had a good relationship since the beginning. I know one of the receivers there and I like the offense they run. It's basically all about the receivers coach. We have a really good relationship and he's a good coach that will get me better."
N.C. State - "I have been doing research on their receivers coach and I saw some interesting things about him," said the four-star Kamara. "I know he's a good coach and they said during my visit down there that I could start as a freshman. That's an important thing for me."
Pittsburgh - "Their receivers coach has come down and has seen me," he said. "We've had some good talks and he said I could play as a freshman. One of the big things is that they practice with Pittsburgh Steelers. I also have a connection to LeSean McCoy through my uncle."
Vanderbilt - "I know it's a great place in Nashville," Kamara said. "I know they are going to need me as freshman. The receivers coach is a really cool guy. We have a really good relationship and we talk about things other than football. It's in the SEC so that's a big thing and I know they are on the rise."
Virginia - "I can start there as a freshman," he said. "I don't have to come in and play a huge role. There are a lot of guys from the 757 pushing me to go there. It's the home school and probably the school I feel most comfortable with."
Wisconsin - "I think Coach Beatty is a really cool guy and I'm glad he is there," said Kamara. "We have a pretty good relationship because we've been in touch for a very long time."
A few other schools that have been linked to Kamara for a long time came close to making the cut.
"Florida almost made the list," he said. "They want me to come down and actually work out for them before I get an offer. UCLA and Tennessee were also pretty close."
Other than the Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge, Kamara is working out a few other trips.
"I'll be taking a visit down to Miami in about a month," he said. "I might be going to the west coast to check out UCLA but I'm not sure. The only visit I know for sure is the one to Miami."
Kamara was the offensive skill MVP at the Richmond RCS.