Rivals250 WR rates GT visit highly

Rivals250 wide receiver Richard Jackson out of Clermont (Fla.) East Ridge took his second official visit of the season to Georgia Tech this past weekend. The 6-foot-2, 195-pounder was there to witness the Yellow Jackets last second loss to North Carolina State. What did Jackson think of his visit?
"I liked my visit a lot. I liked how when you're on campus you can't tell you're in Atlanta. I also like how the players were cool and that they threw the ball a lot," he said. "I got there on Thursday at 10 or 11 in the morning and then went to team meetings, I met coach Brian Jean-Mary and he showed me the weight room, players lounge and locker room. After that I met up with my host Calvin Johnson. He was really cool to hang out with and he told me that they throw the ball between 30 and 40 times a game. He also said the receivers have a lot fun here, but also work really hard. I liked listening to him because he's already proven himself and you want to hear what he has to say.
"Then I went to the game and saw the players warm-up. On Friday, I had breakfast with coach Jean-Mary and did the academic stuff and met with coach Gailey. That went really good. Then at night I went out to dinner at the Capital Grill and hung out with Calvin some more before leaving on Saturday."
A big part of Jackson's trip to Georgia Tech was the Thursday night game.
"It was a really good game and I was expecting them to run the ball, but even though they lost I respect the fact that they had enough faith in their receivers to throw the ball at the 2-yard line," he said. "The atmosphere at the game was really cool and fans cheered my name. I really liked that a lot. On the field, I saw that they have a lot of good receivers, so that's nice to see too."
Overall the four-star receiver rated his trip a 9.5.
"It would have been a 10 if they won the game and it didn't rain or drizzle the whole time I was there," he said. "I'd say now they are amongst my top schools, but I have no leader at this point.
"In comparison to the Pittsburgh trip last month, I liked Georgia Tech better because I only got to spend a day at Pitt while I was in Atlanta for a full recruiting visit with a lot more time."
Next weekend Jackson heads up to Notre Dame for his third official visit.
"I'm hoping to see them throw the ball a lot," he said. "I've seen them throw some this year, but I want to see more. Beyond that, I want to have a good time and take it all in."