Rivals250 WR has a leader, top five

Dallas (Texas) Skyline Rivals250 wide receiver Carlos Strickland is not quite ready to call it a final five since more schools could come on during the season, but he does have a top five and he also has a leader for his commitment.
"Starting in Texas it would be Texas Tech. That's the only Texas school," Strickland said. "LSU. Oklahoma State. UCLA. And Clemson. That's what I'm going with right now."
Which one of his five leads the way?
"I'd say LSU because of their ability to win games and compete for a championship every year and then their production at receiver," Strickland said. "They're putting players in the league like every year. That's what I mainly like about them."
The other four programs each make strong cases as well.
Oklahoma State: "I've visited them and they have a lot of good players down there. They like to pass the ball. Ra'Shaad Samples is there, my old teammate my sophomore year. Good connections down there.
Clemson: "I'd say Clemson it's mainly the offensive coordinator. He's an offensive junkie. He knows football and has a really good feel for the game. He's really smart when it comes to football and offense particularly. That's what I like about them."
Texas Tech: "Coach Kingsbury, their offense, I can see they're trying to build the program there. He's been there for about two years and I think he's trying to build something and get something going. It looks like it would be something good to be a part of."
UCLA: "It's LA, it's a good stage to play on. You get your name out there. It's just a good stage mainly."
In addition to his top five he has kept in touch with Oregon and Stanford and he could see the two Pac-12 programs making a push during the season.
It also appears, Strickland will make his college decision during the season.
"I originally said October 11. That's my birthday," Strickland said. "But that could possibly be pushed back a little bit. It just depends on if I get all the information and stuff."
An important part of his information gathering will take place on his official visits, and he is looking at a few options.
"I don't have anything scheduled yet," Strickland said. "I'll probably only take three visits, but I don't have anything scheduled as of now though. I want to definitely go to LSU, but I'm not sure where else I want to go."
He does not have any plans to take any unofficial visits in the fall and this summer he only visited TCU and SMU. It also looks like track will not weigh heavily into his decision.
"I was thinking about it but I guess not," Strickland said. "I'll probably go straight football at the collegiate level."
While track may not factor much into his decision, there are a few factors which will.
"I would say somewhere I can fit in offensively," Strickland said. "Another thing is a good school and somewhere I can get a good degree at. But mainly it's just where I fit offensively."
Strickland is currently ranked No. 125 in the Rivals250 and the No. 11 wide receiver in the country. He is ranked No. 14 in the Texas Preseason Top 100.
As a junior in 2013, Strickland recorded 33 receptions for 719 yards and 10 touchdowns on his way to first-team all-district honors.