Rivals250 RB to make cuts soon

One of the most talked about recruits in the Mid-Atlantic is Shai McKenzie. The running back from Washington (Pa.) has more than 30 scholarship offers and had named a top 15 but now his close to narrowing his list down again.
"I'll probably make some cuts very soon," said the 6-foot, 212-pound McKenzie. "It'll probably be down to five or seven. I want to see what kind of year those schools have and seen if some of my top schools don't get many wins. You want to be surrounded by good players because playing against good players makes you better. I'm going to continue to build relationships with those schools also. I'll probably wait until signing day to make my decision.
"Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech and Florida State will be three that will make my next cut," he said. "I'll probably choose my official visits from those schools. It could be seven of five."

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Recently, McKenzie took a trip to the South to check out the Seminoles and Yellow Jackets.
"I got down to Florida State on Sunday," he said. "We came in and meet with the tour people. They took us around the campus and checked out the dorms. After that we went to the football building and talked to all the coaches.
"They basically said how much they want me down there, that I'm the number one priority and it was good to see all the coaches," McKenzie said. "The head coach talked to me and he was really excited to talk to me. He has the same amount of interest in me as all the other coaches down there so it was a good time at Florida State.
"They really did make a good impression," he said. "It was very comfortable there. The dorms were nice, the people were nice, the weather is great and everything is within walking distance on campus.
"My visit to Georgia Tech was pretty similar," McKenzie said. "I talked to the coaches that have come to see me back home and everyone was really nice.
"The two schools have very different environments," he said. "Florida State is more of a football town. Football is also big in Atlanta but there are also other stadiums and a lot of other things to do. It's a big city, a big environment. I would say the campuses are very different also. Georgia Tech is in the middle of the city. Florida State is a little more country."
This long trek to Atlanta and Tallahassee will surely help McKenzie get closer to a decision.
"This was a very tiring trip," explained McKenzie. "We drove the entire way and it's been more than 20 hours on the road. I don't think I'll be visiting any more schools this summer. If I do it would probably be to Virginia Tech or Pittsburgh.
"I like the coaches and I know a lot of people that go to Virginia Tech," he said. "They tell me a lot about the school and I know the stadium is great. I know it's a great place to be.
"I'm really high on Pittsburgh," McKenzie said. "I feel the same way about them as I do Georgia Tech and Florida State. They have a lot of pros and cons. Pittsburgh is nothing compared to down in the South. It's a way bigger atmosphere, better football. I'm still really high on Pittsburgh."
McKenzie said he could announce more cuts on Friday, June 14.