Rivals250 RB developing relationships

Only a handful of players in the nation have been raking in offers like Shai McKenzie. The Rivals250 running back from Washington (Pa.) has close to 30 offers from schools like Michigan, Arkansas, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Oklahoma just to name a few.
"It's kind of hard to make a relationship at this time in the recruiting process," said the 6-foot, 212-pound McKenzie. "It's either 'you want me or you don't.' Some coaches don't want me but there are also a lot that do. If they like me and I show some interest then I usually get an offer but I know I cant get to 30 schools so eventually I'll make a top ten."
Everything is happening so fast for McKenzie that he hardly has time to do the proper research on each school but a few are standing out.

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"I've developed a good relationship with Tennessee and with Coach Mahoney," he said. "I had a good relationship with one of the Rutgers coaches but he isn't there anymore so I haven't really been in touch with them as much as I was. I have a pretty good relationship with Coach Caponi from Arizona. I give him a call every once in a while just to talk.
"I talk to the Arkansas staff about twice a week and I can tell they are really interested," McKenzie said. "I know the fans are great down there and the coaches seem like really nice people but I honestly don't know too much about the program. I know that it's a SEC team and it's a powerhouse program.
"Of course I have a really good relationship with Pittsburgh," he said. "I haven't really talked to any of the staff at Pitt since the basketball game when they played Villanova but overall things are going pretty well with them. I think I have the best relationship with Pitt because they're a local team and I've been up there a lot."
Once McKenzie announces a top ten he will start setting up some visits.
"I plan on trying to see Florida State, Georgia and Georgia Tech, possibly on one trip to make it easier," said McKenzie. "I also want to get to Arkansas, North Carolina and maybe Tennessee. We haven't actually made decisions about visiting schools yet until I start narrowing down my list."
Most of the schools McKenzie mentioned are in the south and are predominantly in the SEC but McKenzie says that conference affiliation will not be a factor.
"It's more about whatever fits me," he said. "I'm not necessarily only looking at SEC schools but I know that's where the best football is. Playing with the best and being with the best makes you into the best so I'm not only looking at the SEC but I'm trying to find where I fit the best."
McKenzie's most recent offers from Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina and Oklahoma.