Rivals250 OT Smith takes final official

Four-star offensive tackle Donovan Smith took his fifth and final official visit this past weekend. The lineman made the short trip over to College Park to check out Maryland further.
"It was alright, you know I had fun, a lot of fun with all the recruits that were there," he stated. "It's the same old same old, they basically took me through the academics, the weight room and I spoke to the coaches. I saw their bowl practice and hung out with some of the players."
Smith has been to Maryland numerous times, was there anything different about this trip?

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"Not really besides just being with and really hanging out with the players," he said. "My host was Zach Kerr. He's a cool guy. He's good at NCAA 2011, he beat me. We had fun together and just basically were in the same situation, only playing football since or sophomore or junior years and being Division I players. He talked about how cool the coaching staff was and they are definitely there for you."
Meanwhile, Smith went on about the practice he attended.
"Practice was very fast paced," he said. "They definitely did get a lot done in a short amount of time. I liked seeing how organized they had it."
Before heading out, the Rivals250 prospect met with the coaches further.
"I spoke to Coach Friedgen, Coach Franklin, Coach Brown and Coach Brattan," he said. "They were all telling me the same thing, how much they wanted me. They talked about the coach in waiting with Coach Franklin and I'm fine with that."
Prior to this visit, it looked like Maryland was slipping from the list. Are they back in it?
"I honestly don't know," he said. "I'll know by Wednesday if they make it in or not."
Next up for Smith is a decision at the Army All-American Game in January.
"More than likely I'm going to do it there."