Rivals250 OT cuts list to 12

Rivals250 offensive tackle Donovan Smith out of Owings Mills, Md. cut his list earlier today. The 6-foot-5, 270-pounder is focused on 12 schools at this time and broke down the current crop of finalists.
"I cut it to 12 today," he said. "It's Connecticut, Rutgers, Penn State, Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Syracuse, Michigan State, Illinois, UCLA and Pittsburgh.
"These are the schools that stood out to me the most. Some of them like UCLA and Michigan State I still would like to take an official to find out more about them, all of these schools coaching staffs have stayed in touch and I'm building that player relationship."

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Smith added a note on his list.
"The list is subject to change depending on how the season goes and I'm still considering other schools that could join the list," he said. "Miami and Auburn have been in contact with me now and I could add or subtract some schools."
The four-star prospect went into it about his finalists.
Connecticut: "Coach Edsall and Moorhead are great guys up there. I got a nice tour of the facilities and the stadium and fanbase are great."
Rutgers: "I've been staying in contact with a lot of the coaches. I go back and forth and message Coach Melvin and Schiano. I just get a good vibe from them and I've been up there about three times. The stadium is real nice."
Penn State: "The stadium, you don't get 110,000 people anywhere else. The fan base and Coach Paterno is a New Yorker. He knows spots where I was born and stuff like that. The coaching staff and facilities are good."
Maryland: "Coach Franklin and Coach Brattan along with Coach Brown, they stay on top of things. It's my home state college, it's right there."
Virginia: "Coach Poindexter is a great guy and he played for the Raves, so he knows a lot about the Baltimore area and where I'm from. That relationship is good and the stadium is beautiful, the facilities are great and it's a great campus."
Virginia Tech: "The campus and facilities are great and the stadium is beautiful. I like how they have everything set up convenient for the players."
North Carolina: "The campus is convenient for the players, there is really no excuse for being late to class since the football building is right in the middle of campus. Coach Pittman is a great guy. I haven't spoken that much with Coach Davis, but he seems like a great guy and I look forward to building a better relationship."
Syracuse: "Coach Moore and I talk a lot. That is probably one of my official visits. I plan on getting up there probably for a game."
Michigan State: "I stay in contact with Coach Gill. They are the only one of my offers for defense and I plan on getting up there."
Illinois: "Coach Gilmore stays in contact a lot. I plan on getting up there hopefully. I like that they are an up and coming program. I've read a lot on the internet about their facilities and stuff."
UCLA: "My idol went there, Jonathan Ogden. Coach Neuhesiel coached the Raves and has been around the Baltimore area. They are a great program and when I think of them I think of the Rose Bowl."
Pittsburgh: "Coach Wannstedt, Coach Turner and Coach Wise are all great guys. The facilities are great and who wouldn't consider them, they are right next to the Steelers. If you got picked by the Steelers, you would just walk 10 steps to the left. Also, it's a city and a different fit."
So, what's the plan from here?
"From here, even if I don't get any more schools I plan to drop down my list to a top five or something in the middle of the season. I'm going to try to take a couple official visits before I cut my list."
However, Smith wasn't sure where he'd be headed at this time.