Rivals250 LB excited about Michigan hire

Rivals250 linebacker Marcus Witherspoon has been committed to Michigan since early summer. The Absecon (N.J.) Holy Spirit prospect has been anxiously awaiting a decision by Michigan on their next head coach and finally got his answer on Sunday.
"I'm happy that they finally got someone," he said. "Anything is fine with me. I knew Michigan wasn't going to pick just anybody.
"Coach Szabo told me what was going on. To be honest, I wasn't really too worried about it. I'm a person that thinks everything happens for a reason."

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With that in mind, how did Witherspoon do on the year?
"I actually did pretty well," he said. "I finished with 102 solo tackles, 27 sacks and one interception.
"I was able to play with both of my arms this year. My junior year I only played with one arm. That was kind of hard.
"I was much more versatile this year. Even though they put two guys on me, I find a way around that. I still think I've got to get faster and stronger."