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Rivals250 Jones narrowing field

Allen (Texas) Rivals250 safety Jaylon Jones has a top six of Auburn, Ohio State, Ole Miss, TCU, Texas A&M, and USC, with several aspects of each putting them at the top of his list.
"Really there's a lot of things," Jones said. "With all of those great programs I have a really good relationship with those coaches. And most of them were not just the football part, but they also have great academics. I think any school does, but the alumni base is real good. Also getting a chance to compete early. I was looking at depth charts so that played a big role into it."
Jones' most recent visit was a trip to Ohio State. He made the visit with his dad, teammate Dallas George and his father, and they also coordinated with 2017 Rivals100 standout Jeffrey Okudah.
"It was a long drive but it was a great experience," Jones said. "So far that was probably one of the best. It was a really good visit. Great coaches, the facilities and stuff were amazing. I liked it up there a lot. Of course the drive back and the drive up there was the worst, but when I got there it was real nice. I felt very welcome. All the players welcomed me nice. I got to chill with Cardale (Jones), Braxton (Miller), J.T. (Barrett). It was real cool, it was real cool."
Next up for Jones is a trip to Oregon for the Opening, and then he will make a July 15 visit to Ole Miss, which could be his final visit.
"After Ole Miss, maybe I might just go ahead and commit. It just depends," Jones said. "I'm not trying to rush it. But after Ole Miss, I'm not taking any more visits. I'm pretty focused."
He is not quite ready to declare any leaders among his top six, but he has given it plenty of thought.
"No, not right now," Jones said. "I feel like I can let you know after I visit Ole Miss, but right now not really."
Making a preseason commitment is not out of the question either.
"That's a tough thing. It would be nice to do it. That's all I'm saying," Jones said. "After this Ole Miss visit, if I like it, I'm going there. If I don't I think I know where I'm going to go, I won't, but like I said we'll see when that time comes."
A late summer visit to USC is also not out of the question, but he does not have anything scheduled at this time.
Jones is currently ranked No. 243 in the Rivals250 and No. 17 among the nation's safeties. While he is currently ranked as a safety, he is also confident in his abilities at cornerback.
"I'm pretty sure all of them want me at safety, but I told them don't let it hold you back because I can play both," Jones said. "I'm a cover corner but I can hit like a safety. Right now the way my body is I'm sure college will make me into a safety, but right now I could see myself playing corner. But I'm fine with either one."