Rivals250 DE to announce Saturday

ORLANDO, Fla. - Rivals250 defensive end Tony Tucker has narrowed his list down to two finalists.
Tucker, a defensive end, will be staying up north to play college. He talks about his two finalists, his decision date, and more at East Meets West All-American game practice on Thursday.
"It is down to Pittsburgh or Virginia Tech," said Tucker. "Those are the only schools I am looking at now and I will sign with one of those schools. I will be deciding Saturday at the game. I am not sure when it will be, but I think it is going to be during the game at some point."
With the Panthers and Hokies making his final list, he broke down how he got it to two.
"I like the academics at Pittsburgh. That is a big thing for me and my family. The coaches are great there too and I like how Coach Dave Wannstedt is hands-on with the defensive line. I could just see myself playing there with or without football," he said.
"You can't describe Virginia Tech's defense. It is so good. I love the defense and the coaches there are very hands on as well. I really like the academics too. The fans have a lot of spirit and they are true to them. I like Virginia Tech a lot."
As for his time at the East Meets West All-American game events, he's had quite the time challenging himself. Competition in Orlando has definitely impressed him.
"Oh man, it has been tough out here - I'm not going to lie," he said. "You have the Pouncey's, and a lot of other good linemen out here. Nobody has taken me to the ground yet though. I can't let that happen."
"Competition is a good thing though. I have enjoyed going up against these guys because it really helps us all out here."
One player has really stood out to Tucker this week at practice.
Nick Claytor has played well out here," he said. "He is very big and he has really long arms. He has really impressed me this week."