Rivals250 DE LaLota adds a big-time offer

Four-star defensive end Anthony LaLota landed a major offer on Tuesday night. The 6-foot-6, 260-pounder picked up the big-time offer from the Big Ten.
"I got offered by Ohio State tonight," he said. "I think it's a great opportunity. I know they've been in the national title game the past two years and it's a great football team. It's in a big city in Columbus and features a good education. I'm definitely looking into. I've got to explore that option."
LaLota discussed the offer a bit more and just how big this one is for him.

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"It is prestigious because they are a big name," he said. "Anyone in college football would be really excited.
"I talked to Coach Hazell at school yesterday. He was just checking in. Then I talked to him on the phone at night and he offered. I was very happy. I think it's great honor to be recognized by a school like that."
The scholarship puts LaLota at 23 offers.
"That along with Notre Dame are my most recent ones," he said. "Michigan told me they'll be at my school on Monday."
Meanwhile, the Rivals250 prospect has nothing else scheduled in the near future.
"I have nothing coming up. I'm not even sure I'll participate in the Nike Camp. Right now I'm mostly working out with my team."