Rivals250 DB shifting favorites again

When there are several offers on the table for a top notch prospect like four-star cornerback Terrance Anderson of Aldine, Texas your favorite list of schools is going to change a bit, but after this recent change, it seems like Anderson's list changes more than a weather system.
Anderson, the No. 20 rated prospect in the state of Texas, laughs when he hears people asking him why his favorite schools change so much but it's also a sign of a very logical and meticulous young man to adjust to what's going on with his own recruitment. His top five has probably gotten the biggest facelift now of them all.
"The top five, looking at the season and what has happened, has changed a little bit," Anderson said. "Oklahoma State is still No. 1 but Oklahoma has moved out. Wisconsin has moved into the No. 2 spot, at No. 3 I would have to put Iowa State, followed by Nebraska, and then at No. 5 is Northwestern."
The Sooners had been at least tied for if not standing alone at the top of his list at least at some point for the last several months. What changed so dramatically?
"I haven't heard from them in a while and I don't really look at wins and losses, but something just seems different about them," Anderson said. "Everybody else I've heard from, but it's like they've changed in my mind."
His No. 1 is really no surprise as the Cowboys have done a tireless job recruiting the No. 16 rated cornerback.
"The first (official) visit I will take will be to Oklahoma State because out of all the schools, they've showed me the most interest from the beginning to now," Anderson said. "Don't get me wrong, no one has taken over a lead that another team can't make up, it's even in that respect."
"I'm just going to weigh out all of my options for my visits. Because I weigh those options a lot, that's why everything seems to move up and down."
Terrance Anderson VideoClick The Rivals250 member is looking to get started on those official visits within the next few weeks. Oklahoma State and Northwestern look pretty solid for at least two of those spots.Here to view this Link.