Rivals250 DB keeping options open

Pflugerville (Texas) Hendrickson Rivals250 cornerback P.J. Mbanasor has seen the offers roll in over the last few months.
He has seen the likes of Ohio State, Oklahoma, LSU, Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Texas A&M extend offers. On Wednesday he received his latest offer with the Texas Longhorns extending a scholarship offer his way.
"Everyone knows how Texas has played in previous years and last year," Mbanasor said. "They kind of had a drop off I guess you could say. I saw a couple of practices. The first practice wasn't as good as the second practice but the intensity level was better in the second practice. There was a definite change. I guess it was the first day of pads so they were adjusting and they improved.
"In regards to the offer it is just another blessing I've been granted. I'm definitely humbled by this entire experience. It's crazy. It's crazy because a great amount of football players aspire to play college football and only a certain amount put in the hard work and dedication and sleepless nights and countless hours working hard and not everybody gets that opportunity. So for me to get that opportunity whatever school it is, is just a blessing. It's definitely an exciting experience as a whole."
So are there any favorites right now as Mbanasor examines his options?
"I've been working on that, probably the best way to put it is I've been able to cross out some schools," Mbanasor said. "I would say this if signing day was today and I haven't visited bigger schools like LSU, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan State, and all those high caliber schools which I'm going to but I've also visited OU, Oklahoma State, and Baylor.
"If today was signing day I'd be for Oklahoma to be honest with you. But that's why you take your time with this process because I do have places to visit and coaches to see and practices to watch so that's why I'm definitely slow with this process. I would not announce favorites as a numerical order, but that's where I'm at right now."
When it comes to visits, the standout defensive back is looking at a few options, but is still trying to figure out his schedule.
"I actually don't have any lined up," Mbanasor said. "If I'm able to make it up to Oklahoma's spring game that will be that but I'm still negotiating the whole ride situation. I obviously don't have any dates lined up."
While he is not ready to settle on a favorite, and does not have any visits firmly scheduled, Mbanasor does have an idea about what he is looking for in a future program.
"The best opportunity to be successful as a football player, and as a person in general with the best coaching staff, teammates, production and winning games, and where I'm comfortable," Mbanasor said. "For me I don't care how far I go and neither do my parents. They just want it to be the best opportunity for me to achieve success and that's what I'm looking for. I'm looking for maybe how teams play next year as well and how they compare to each other and stuff like that."
He is not in a rush to make a decision either, but he does admit it would be nice to make a preseason decision.
"If I'm fortunate enough it would be really nice to do it before senior year," Mbanasor said. "It would be really nice to. There's not as much stress and things like that. But if it doesn't turn out that way then I'll have no problem at all. I'll wait it out as long as I need it to to make sure my parents are comfortable and I'm comfortable as well. If I am fortunate enough that would be nice."