Rivals250 DB back in play

The recruiting process kicked off at a fast and furious pace for Rivals250 presented by Under Armour cornerback Chris Hardeman. Shortly after his sophomore season, the scholarship offers began to come from some of the nation's heavy hitters. In July, after a strong performance at an LSU camp, he decided to give the Tigers his pledge.
Fast forward to just over a year later to Aug. 4, 2013, and Hardeman has again made a decision. This time it is to part ways with LSU.
"I just wasn't comfortable with the situation, and I just needed to find the right place for me," Hardeman said.

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Several factors went into his decision, but it is safe to say competition was not one of them.
"A lot of people may say the competition factor may have played a part, but they fail to realize I recruited a lot of DBs supposedly ranked higher than me to come to LSU, like Edward Paris, Tony Brown and Adoree' Jackson," Hardeman said. "A lot of people may say I was scared of competition, but I was committed for a year so. If I was scared of competition, I wouldn't have done that. Competition was not a part of my decision. It's just not the right place for me, and I have to move on and find a place that is right for Chris."
Hardeman is not even sure when he decided to begin looking around; he just knew, once he arrived at the decision, he had to do what was right.
"I can't really give a timetable of when. It was just something that was placed on my heart that this may not be the right place for you and you may want to start looking at other schools," Hardeman said. "Before I did that, I decided to remove myself from the situation because I owe Coach Chavis, Coach Raymond, and Coach McGaughey all the respect. I decided I should move away from the situation before I start another one. I felt like I owed it to them, I felt I owed it to the LSU fans, and I felt I owed it to my recruiting class to not disrespect them and go off and talk to other schools and say I'm so-called committed to LSU. So, in order for me to feel like a man and in order for me to feel comfortable with the situation, I separated myself and I'm doing my own thing right now."
Now that he has reopened his recruitment, he is wide open. He claims no favorites, and he is not in a rush to make a new decision. However, he has a visit lined up for next weekend with teammate and fellow Rivals250 member Keenen Brown.
"I'm going to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State next Saturday," Hardeman said. "I kind of got those set up today, really, when I figured out what I was going to do and how I was going to do it."
Hardeman does not have any other visits lined up, but he knows he will be taking more.
"I have no plans for official visits right now, but I know I will take all of my official visits before I decide where I'm going," Hardeman said.
He mentioned UCLA, Texas, Georgia, Ole Miss, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Houston as programs he is talking to. He wants to take everything in, and he knows exactly what he will be looking for as he renews his search for a college home.
"Program stability, a coaching staff that wins all the time and the right place for me," Hardeman said. "Me feeling comfortable, that's the biggest thing for me is me feeling comfortable. I'm not worried about how many DBs or how many corners they have there. That's not my concern because wherever I go I'll compete and show out. I don't care who is there or who is coming in. That's not my concern. I'll be going somewhere I feel comfortable."
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