Rivals250 ATH Brown chooses Buckeyes

On Monday night Noah Brown confirmed what everyone believed would happen after his official visit last weekend. The Rivals250 athlete from Sparta (N.J.) Pope John XXIII announced on Twitter that he had committed to Ohio State.
"I came home and talked it over with my mom, dad, family, high school coach and made sure everyone was on the same page," said the 6-foot-2, 211-pound Brown.
There were a few things that solidified Ohio State in Brown's eyes.

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"The biggest thing on my visit this weekend was to spend time with Coach Urban Meyer and get to know him as a person," he said. "He's really genuine and was honest about everything he told me during the recruiting process. They really do want me.
"I also spent time with the wide receivers coach and saw how he coached his players," said Brown. "Seeing all of that showed me that he is a great coach that can help make me better.
"Another big thing was spending time with the players," he said. "I hung out with J.T. Barrett and some other players. They're people that I can fit in with. Seeing that was reassuring and comforting."
The Buckeye coaches explained how they think Brown will be most effective.
"They want to use me as an X or Y receiver that can also line up inside and create mismatches," Brown said. "I'll also be a factor in the return game."
Brown has already started recruiting for Ohio State and will be talking to his teammate Ryan Izzo.
"I reached out to Chad Mavety," he said. "He is a great player and I'm sure he can help the class so I figured why not reach out to him. I'm not really close with any of the other commits. They've all reached out to me and we had a little back and forth but I'm sure we'll build a stronger relationship.
"Ohio State is a school that Ryan is interested in and I would love to play with him. I'll definitely be in his ear about it."
Brown hopes to get back out to Columbus for either the Wisconsin or Penn State game.