Rivals100 WR adds two more offers

For as talented as Hempstead, Texas wide receiver Terrance Toliver is, getting offers still gives him a special thrill like any young man who dreamed of playing big time football on Saturdays.
Texas A&M has been the one offer in hand for sometime, but now two more schools got involved with their offers. The 6-foot-5, 180-pound Rivals100 member says that it surprised him, but he was excited to open both of them.
"I just got a scholarship offer from Oklahoma," Toliver said. "OU is one of my favorite colleges. Then I got one from Texas Tech as well. LSU was one of the first schools to talk with me and I think they may be next."
Toliver has to admit he's a bit surprise that these early offers are coming in so quickly.
"I didn't expect it really," Toliver said. "I didn't think I was going to be in all of this until my coach told me about the early offers that might be coming. I knew I was one of the best, but I guess I didn't know that they just come like this."
As for favorites, the talented young man says that Texas A&M, Oklahoma, LSU, and Texas Tech are his top schools at this point.
Texas is not out of the picture by any means, but Toliver says he's concerned about the depth chart.
"I don't know about Texas as much," Toliver said. "They've got a lot of stars on that team. I want to go somewhere and make my own name. Everybody is telling me to go there, but I've got to think about that. They haven't offered yet either, so we'll see."
Distant schools like Duke, Florida, Florida State, Notre Dame, Nebraska, and others are sending mail but Toliver says that heading too far from home may not be in the cards.
"Really, yeah I do (want to stay close) because then my family can come see me play," Toliver said. "I know that if I go away somewhere like Florida, then I couldn't come home but once or twice a year."
"Everybody says to stay close to home."
Like any high profile recruit in the early months of the recruiting process, Toliver is getting a crash course in how the cycle works. He says that he's learned a lot in the last year since college letters started filling his mailbox.
"I pretty much knew a lot of stuff last year but I'm figuring out how this all works now," he said. "I don't know how to explain it. I'm learning as I go how it all works."