Rivals100 S to announce at banquet

It's becoming the en vogue to make your college announcement at your football banquet and that's exactly what we can expect from Kenny Scott of Daytona Beach (Fla.) Seabreeze.
"A week from today," Scott said. "We're having our banquet next Sunday and my coach asked that I announce it there in front of my friends, family and teammates."
As it should be.
Scott said he's basically down to three teams with a few stragglers barely hanging on.
"I can tell you one of the three of Tennessee, Georgia Tech and Florida will be where I go," Scott said. "I'm still talking to the others like Notre Dame, but it's going to be one of those three."
So does Scott already know where he's going?
"No, I don't," he said. "I really liked Tennessee and the whole football setting. Georgia Tech's academics are really impressive to me, and the coaches there know how to get you ready for the NFL. And then Florida is also an amazing situation. You can't go wrong there."
Or any of his final choices.