Rivals100 QB wont let pressure get to him


By the time you read this, Monroe (La.) Neville quarterback and star shortstop Robert Lane is on the Auburn campus for the Tigers baseball camp. While that’s clear, what is also starting to clear up is the Rivals100’s process that he’ll use to come up with a decision.
“I’m pretty much ready to make a decision,” Lane, who is 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds, said. “The only thing that I was waiting on was to see what type of attention that I would get from the baseball coaches in July when they can call.

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“We’ve been waiting and not committing because many of the schools wanted to talk to m about baseball. I want to play both in college, and guys like Ole Miss, Auburn and LSU are definitely talking about giving me that option along with football.”
And for the past few months, it’s been looking like the talented quarterback that threw for 2,508 yards and 28 touchdowns while only throwing 7 interceptions as a junior is going to be a Tiger of some sort.
Now the question is he going to be an Auburn Tiger or an LSU Tiger?
“Right now, LSU is still at the top,” he said. “I wanted to give the Auburn a chance and give myself an opportunity to look things over while I’m there at camp.
“I can kill two birds with one stone at Auburn this week. I’m going to work on my baseball skills, but I can also look around see things for football. I hear they have a beautiful campus and it’s in the SEC. You can’t beat that.”
That’s unless you’re at LSU at this point.
The Tigers continue to be Lane’s team and he’s getting a lot of pressure from people at home in Monroe to stay in state and play for the Tigers. But Lane is not really paying attention to the pressure that's coming from the locals. He simply sidesteps it like he does an on-coming blitzer.
“I tend not to listen to the people that want to put pressure on me,” he said. “I know being an athlete that I can’t please everybody. Some say I have to go here or there or that I’m over-rated or a tremendous athletic. Some of the critics are even here in my town.
“Considering I live in Louisiana, that’s all I hear. ‘If you don’t go to LSU, you’ll make a mistake,’ and stuff like that. I can’t help them. I just tell them to stay away or don’t worry about it. I just go out there and do what I do best.”