Rivals100 OT names top 11, decision date

Class of 2015 Rivals100 Memphis (Tenn.) University School offensive tackle Drew Richmond has picked up scholarship offers from pretty much every major college program in the country. But with less than 11 months before National Signing Day, the 6-foot-6, 313-pounder is ready to cut his list.
On Monday Richmond named a top 11 in no particular order in an interview with He also provided his thoughts on each school that made the cut.
Alabama: - "The relationship I have with the offensive line coach, Coach Cristobal helped a lot. We have a great relationship and the winning tradition is also a factor."
Auburn: "I'm going to visit there on March 29 and get a closer look but I feel like I fit well into their offensive scheme. That's one of the biggest things that is standing out to me. I think I'd do well in the spread offense."
Ole Miss: "It's family there. I just have a great relationship with with the staff and the players. I know a lot of people outside of the football team, too and I just feel like family."
Tennessee: "I'm going to visit there the first weekend of April. - April 3-4-5 - I just feel like family there because I'm so close to the commits there so that's the biggest thing about them. It's a family situation and the playing time is appealing.
LSU: "Playing time for them is big. I talked to Frank Herron and he was telling me the same thing as Coach Grimes, they don't really have any tackles, they didn't get one in this class and guys are leaving so he was telling me it's wide open."
Ohio State: "I grew up a fan, I have a great relationship with Coach Hinton and Coach Meyer and that's the biggest thing right now."
UCLA: "I really like Coach Klemm, it's different for me because Coach Mora's agent's sons go to my school and he was the quarterback at our school so I hear nothing but good things about Coach Mora, they have a lot of NFL connections and Coach Klemm will help get me ready."
Florida State: "I know for a fact that the O-Line coach is great coach. He was my coach's coach when he was at Memphis and coach was telling me he's a good developer. He's turned guys who nobody knew about into NFL drat picks. He can turn raw talent into something great and they just won the national championship and I feel fit in well there."
Clemson: "I'm visiting there in early April, too. They show a lot of love. They've been trying to get me down there but it hasn't worked out. I feel like I'd fit well into their offense, that's the big thing."
North Carolina: "I love the staff. That whole staff is so cool. Playing with Devin Perry again would be big. We've been playing ball since we were five so a chance to play with him again means a lot to me."
Memphis: "For one this is my city, I love it here. To be able to help my city come back would mean a lot to me. Memphis hasn't always been bad, they beat Florida when Emmitt Smith was there. It was a long time ago but they've played some big-time football so I feel like they're turning it around and they will go to a bowl game this year so I feel like Memphis has a chance to be really good."
As far as his decision date, Richmond said he'll make his decision early in the fall.
"Sept 9, 2009 my best friend died," Richmond said. "I thought I was going to play basketball but he and a couple of my other friends got me into football and he was real influential so it's an honor to him."
Despite deciding early in the fall, Richmond said he'll still take official visits.
"I still plan on taking all my officials just to be a100 percent sure," Richmond said. "I think by the time it rolls around I will have seen all those schools."
As far as what might help separate the schools in the future, distance won't be an issue.
"My parents don't mind if I go far. Whatever is best for me," he said. "The other things will be how I feel when I visit, I'll have a list of things that are important then I'll see how they grade out. That will be the deciding force."