Rivals100 OL taking a visit this weekend

Tampa (Fla.) Jefferson offensive lineman Donnie Woods is one of the best in the state and the 6-foot-4, 290 pound guard is heading out of state for an official visit this weekend.
Woods was supposed to visit South Carolina last weekend for an official visit but he didn't go on that trip.
"What happened is that we had some pretty bad weather down here in Florida and the pilot called me and told me he didn't really want to risk coming down and picking me up," Woods said. "They were getting in some bad weather up at South Carolina too. We went ahead and cancelled the trip for right now. I take one to Tennessee this weekend and to Oklahoma the following weekend."
UT is sending down a private plane to pick up Donnie Woods late Friday night after his football game in Orlando.
"We play a team from California at Disney World and they're going to pick me up over at Disney," Woods said. "I guess there's a little airport over there and they're going to fly me up to Knoxville that night."
After Woods checks out Tennessee for their home game against Florida, then the following weekend he will be in Norman, Okla. to check out the Sooners at home against South Florida. He's not sure when he will trip to South Carolina now.
"I'm probably going to reschedule it," Woods said. "I haven't talked to their coaches since Friday. I'm most likely rescheduling it."
Donnie Woods is a December graduate so he will be able to enroll at the school of his choice this January. He doesn't want to wait too long in making a decision and will only take more than three visits if he can't make a decision after visiting Tennessee, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.
"I think I'll proabably take visits until I find that right place," Woods said. "As of right now I've got my two scheduled plus South Carolina as my third one. I've got those three and I'm definitely taking those three but if I find one in there that I really like and don't feel like I have to look any farther I guess I could go ahead and commit. If there's a little question or I feel I need to take more visits I'll probably take my next two."
Who would the candidates be for maybe a fourth or fifth visit?
"I've talked about a North Carolina visit, a South Florida visit, and a Michigan State visit," Woods said. "I'm still pretty wide open. LSU and Wisconsin are some other schools that are still in there."
Donnie says he is even among his top three of Tennessee, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. Last week Jefferson (1-1) lost to Seffner-Armwood.
"We got upset, Armwood beat us 24-0," Woods said. "It was the kind of game where nothing went right. We couldn't get anything going on offense so that's how it ended up. I'd rather take a loss early in the season than a loss late in the season. We got the loss out of our way so we're good to go now."