Rivals100 LB schedules two officials

Four-star linebacker Brandon Spikes out of Shelby (N.C.) Crest Senior has decided on two official visits. Where has the 6-foot-4, 235-pounder with 4.76-second speed decided to go?
"I've set up official visits with Virginia Tech and Florida," he said. "I'm going to Florida for the Florida State game on November 25th and to the Miami-Virginia Tech game on November 4th. I've been to Florida and I wanted to see a game there. I really like Virginia Tech's program and I want to see how I like it up there."
With his three other visits, Spikes isn't sure who else will get officials.

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"I'm thinking about going to LSU and probably Oklahoma, but we'll see I'm not sure yet."
How has this college football season affected the No. 83 player in the Rivals100's decision?
"It doesn't bother me if a team is winning or losing," he said. "I know Oklahoma has a new quarterback, but it'll be ok. Stuff happens and football is a game of intangibles. Virginia Tech, LSU and Florida have won and it does impress me a little to see them getting things done."
Spikes took in an unofficial visit to the Virginia Tech-North Carolina State game a couple weeks back.
"I liked that game a lot, it was close and I got a chance to see both schools which was really exciting," he said. "I look for good defenses and who's upfront and both schools have some good guys in there."
The No. 2 player in North Carolina plans to take an unofficial this week to the Miami-Clemson game.
As for a decision, Spikes doesn't plan to make it until February or perhaps at the Army All-American game which he just received an invite to.
"It means a lot because I've been watching it since I was young coming up in middle school seeing Chris Leak," he said. "That's one of things that made me work so hard and it's a dream come true. I've always wanted to play in that game."
The No. 5 inside linebacker in the country just finished his third game of the season last week.
Brandon SpikesClick "We're 1-2 now, but we are four or five plays away from being 3-0. We have a young offense and they just need to come together," he said. "In the three games we've played I've got 24 tackles, a sack, an interception, two forced fumbles and three knockdowns. I know I can do better and I should have had three picks in one game. I'm just staying focused on the season and want to stay healthy."Here to view this Link.