Rivals100 LB says its down to three

You can officially reduce the list to three for blue-chip linebacker Aaron Harris of North Mesquite, Texas, because this battle looks like it's turning into a classic Big 12 battle.
"It's three guys now - Texas, Oklahoma and A&M," Harris said. "Those are the three guys that I know that I'm going to visit for sure and the rest of the guys like Florida, Florida State and the others are out of it. I know that I like the three teams close to home, so I'm going to look at them harder."
And picking a favorite is going to be tough for the four-star Rivals100 selection that is ranked as the fourth best inside linebacker in the nation.
"Man, one day it's Texas," Harris said. "Then the next day it's Oklahoma. Then the day after that it is A&M. I just back and forth and back and forth, so I guess the best thing to say is that I'm pretty even at this point."
Harris, who had 15 tackles last weekend, said he'll be at A&M this weekend for an unofficial visit and then hopefully plans to follow that up with unofficial visits to with Oklahoma for either the Kansas State game or later in the season and to the OU-Texas game in October as a guest of Texas. The Notre Dame-A&M game in two weeks is another game that he's also be invited, and he's not sure if he's going to end up in College Station or Norman next weekend.
So what about the coaches recruiting him?
"Coach (Brent) Venables from Oklahoma is probably the coolest guy recruiting me," Harris said. "He's younger and he can really relate. Coach (Hardy) McCary from Texas talks really slow, but he's also a great guy and makes me feel like I'm important."
Then there is coach Grimes from A&M.
"Man that guy is a ball of excitement," Harris said. "I'd like to see him and coach Venables wrestle each other. They're so intense and get after it."