Rivals100 end pulls two more offers

Shallotte (N.C.) West Brunswick defensive end Alfy Hill has gone over 20 scholarships. The Rivals100 star added two new offers on Thursday from the ACC and SEC.
"I got offers from North Carolina and LSU," he said. "It's exciting because my family always talks about Carolina and most of my family are big North Carolina fans. One of my coaches also played at Carolina and it's a good school. They give out a good education and education is important to me.
"As for LSU, you gotta be a good player with talent to go there. I don't know too much about them yet. I can't say a lot."

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The offers are picking up rapidly for the four-star prospect. What does he think of the attention?
"It's letting me know how good of a player I am, but I'm not letting it blow my head up," he said. "I'm keeping my composure and staying calm. I'm excited to get all these scholarship offers.
"Now, I can see myself going away. I didn't think about going away from home before. I want to go somewhere to get an education and possibly make it to the NFL."
Only one visit is planned in the near future for the 6-foot-4, 245-pounder, that is next Saturday, April 4th with his team to North Carolina.
Despite all the interest, Hill maintains no leaders.
"I'm open right now," he stated. "I'm not looking into a school, I'm just trying to get my grades together and I'll look into things further later on."
Pulling in offers isn't the only accomplishment for Hill recently. This week he also came in first in the 100 meter in a track meet.
"I ran the fastest time I've ever run in the 100, an 11.7," he said. "I'm proud of myself and I just want to keep working and run more and work hard in the weight room."