Rivals100 DE Holmes denies Ohio State pledge

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The week started off great for Jalyn Holmes. The Rivals100 defensive end and his family made the nine-hour drive from Norfolk, Va., up to Columbus to visit Ohio State. The Buckeyes are in Holmes' top three along with Florida State and Clemson.
The visit seemed to be going well for the Buckeyes. The 6-foot-5, 235-pound Holmes was tweeting out pictures of the stadium and things like, "I don't wanna go home!!!" His mother, who accompanied her son on the trip, tweeted similar things praising Ohio State.

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Wednesday also seemed to be going well as Holmes reportedly attended a camp at Ohio State and was being shown around the facilities by some coaches and was enjoying the day.
As Holmes was getting ready to leave campus and make the nine-hour drive home, rumors began to swirl that he had committed to the Buckeyes. There is a report that a group consisting of Holmes and a few coaches were celebrating loudly at one point, but there are no confirmed reports about what they were celebrating.
Immediately after this news broke, Holmes tweeted "I did not commit," and he has since not spoken to any members of the media.
Rivals.com received a brief text message from the Holmes camp: "There are too many rumors right now [to provide an official statement] and we do not want to add to them. There is no story and nothing needs to be said. We are just trying to get home safely."
Another text message added that the family would not be speaking to the media today.
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