Rivals100 back overcoming obstacles

Geismar (La.) Dutchtown running back Eddie Lacy is one of the top running backs in the state of Louisiana as well as the country. Unfortunately for high school football fans in southern Louisiana, Lacy has not been able to put on the show recently that has been standard over the past two seasons at Dutchtown.
Like many southern Louisiana programs, Dutchtown has had its season limited by the hurricanes that blew through the Gulf. On top of that Lacy has been limited by a pre-season knee injury.
"I had sprained my knee and I feel like I'm just getting back into the game," Lacy said. "We missed the first three games (because of the Hurricanes) and then we came back and played two more and I didn't play in those two. I played 10 plays in the third game and I had four carries for 63 yards. I played last week and I did ok but not as good as I thought I would because I was still playing cautious because I was worried I would hurt my knee."

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Despite Lacy's absence, Dutchtown is still unbeaten and on its way to another productive season. However, it still has not been easy for Lacy to watch from the sidelines.
"It was hard because it was like you're on the sideline watching your position and you see certain things in a play and you feel like you can do but you can't get on the field and make it happen," he said.
With his knee rehab taking up much of his time as well as the hurricanes and the season, Lacy has not spent much time thinking about recruiting.
"I don't really think about it too much," he said. "It's enjoyable to see the different colleges and having them call you and talk about certain things. I want to take my official visits but I don't know when."
Throughout the fall, the interest has not subsided for Lacy as he has been talking on the phone with a number of coaches.
"I talk to Coach Burns from Alabama, Coach Fisher from Florida State, Coach Frank (Wilson) from Southern Miss and Coach Dameron from Ole Miss," he said. "Coach Frank, I've known him since I was six years old."
Lacy is continuing to work in the classroom in an attempt to get himself qualified for college, but even if he comes up just short, several schools have a plan for him.
"School is alright, it's getting better," he said. "I should be able [to qualify] but if not then I'll just have to go to junior college then. Some of the schools said that I could go to junior college some said they'd send me to Hargrave so that I wouldn't lose a year of college."
Lacy is rated by Rivals.com as the No. 8 running back in the nation.