Rivals100 back looking the part

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – At the Texas State 7 on 7 Tournament, some of the top talent emerged on the Texas A&M campus but among all of the players there, no one was more physically impressive than Beaumont (Texas) West Brook running back Christine Michael. Michael was explosive out of the backfield and had a very imposing physique. That physique has been sculpted through an intense workout regiment this summer.
"This summer has been filled with a lot of workouts," Michael said. "First things first and foremost, a lot of workouts, getting things down with my teammates and getting more complacent with our quarterback, running plays after plays, getting our defense better and our defense getting us better. We've just been going day by day."
Michael's workouts haven't been restricted just to team activities either. He has put in extra time with his own trainers as well.

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"I have three personal trainers," he said. "I have a strength and conditioning trainer. I have a speed and quickness trainer and I also have a weight lifting trainer so I do a lot of stuff when I'm away from my team so a lot of it is just being consistent. I work out four days a week, Saturday I'll probably do a light jog and then Monday it starts all over again."
With workouts taking up most of his time, the four-star running back has not hit many camps but that is about to change.
"I haven't hit any camps but I hit Florida next weekend and after that I hit LSU and the University of Texas," he said.
Michael has offers from around the country, making things that much tougher to pick a favorite.
"When I find a favorite, more come in," he said. "So when it comes to evaluating it's real hard so I haven't even figured out my first top five or anything like that. I'm gonna do some visits. I already went to the University of Texas and A&M."
Michael listed the things that he would be looking for in a program, when the time to decide does come.
"I'm looking at the academic program, whether they have my major and minot, me being comfortable with the coaching staff and the surroundings. I don't want to go too far away from home but other than that it doesn't matter as long as I'm comfortable with where I go."