Rivals Underclassmen Challenge: Top DLs

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DeSOTO, Texas -- The Rivals250 Underclassmen Challenge presented by Under Armour was the final event in the inaugural Rivals Camp Series. Rivals.com analyst Adam Friedman breaks down the top DLs from the event.

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1. DL Russell Ude, Atlanta (Ga.) Westminster (2015)
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Ude earned the defensive line MVP award on Sunday in DeSoto because of his advanced hand technique and great explosiveness off the line. If he wasn't able to just blow by the offensive lineman, he had an aggressive rip or swim move ready to go to break free. Ude is pretty muscled, but there is still room in his big frame.
2. DL Josh Sweat, Chesapeake (Va.) Oscar Smith (2015)
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Sweat's burst off the line was extremely difficult for any offensive lineman to handle. In past camps Sweat primarily used the outside speed rush, but on Sunday in DeSoto, Sweat showed that he is developing an inside move as well. Even though technical improvement is needed, Sweat is a serious talent with great athleticism and a very big frame that has tons of room to fill out.
3. DL Caleb Peart, Chandler (Ariz.) Hamilton (2015)
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Although Peart is on the thicker side for a defensive end, he is still very explosive at the snap and had very aggressive hands. Peart used a rip or slap-and-spin move to win most of his reps. He has some bad weight but there is still plenty of time for Peart to continue to develop his body.
4. DL Christian Bell, Hoover (Ala.) (2015)
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Bell comes from a program that knows how to develop players for the college game and he has the physical gifts to become a standout defensive end. At 6-foot-3, Bell is very coordinated and moves very well for a player his size. There is also a lot of room to add bulk in his frame. Bell had a very quick inside rip move that won him most of his reps but needs to get stronger if he hopes to take on elite offensive linemen.
5. DL Du'Vonte Lampkin, Houston (Tex.) Cypress Falls (2015)
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The best thing about Lampkin is his great lower-body strength. He used it drive offensive linemen backward into the quarterback on multiple occasions. Lampkin also used a big inside rip move but needs to expand his arsenal as he continues to develop.
6. DL Chance Hall, Roanoke (Va.) Northside (2015)
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Hall was surprisingly nimble for his size. Although he didn't amaze with his burst off the line, Hall used his hands very well, slapping the offensive lineman's hands down. Hall has a ton of room left on his frame to add muscle and there is plenty of time for him to work on his technique.
7. DL Edwin Alexander, Hammond (La.) St. Thomas Aquinas (2016)
Alexander pleasantly surprised at the camp on Sunday. At 6-foot-2 and 290 pounds, he has great size for someone who just finished his freshman year of high school. Alexander has a good motor and is high energy and, when combined with his impressive size, has a ton of potential. Alexander will continue to gain experience and keeps developing his technique.
8. DL Austin Capps, Star City (Ark.) Star City Senior (2016)
Capps is another rising sophomore with a great motor and great intensity. He isn't built as well as Alexander but has the frame to add substantial muscle. Capps has quick feet and good explosiveness off the line. The best thing about him is that his hands are constantly moving violently until the echo of the whistle.
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