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Rivals Rankings Week: Top state ranking storylines

J.T. Tuimoloau
J.T. Tuimoloau (

The conclusion of Rivals Rankings Week for the 2021 class sees the state rankings being updated following junior season evaluations. There has been a lot talk about the quarterback group in this class, but more linemen are topping state rankings across the country.



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Kyle McCord
Kyle McCord (

The position group that has generated the most conversation early in the 2021 class is quarterback, with 11 at the position ranked among the top 75 prospects in the class. Only three of those quarterbacks, though, have secured the top overall ranking in their own state. Caleb Williams not only has achieved the top spot, but he is also the first five-star quarterback the District of Columbus has ever produced. The state of Pennsylvania has produced a trio of five-star quarterbacks in the Rivals era. Ohio State commit Kyle McCord is not quite there yet, but he sits just one spot out of the five-star territory and sits No. 1 overall in the Keystone State rankings. Meanwhile, Michigan commit J.J. McCarthy is the first quarterback to headline the state of Illinois rankings since Demetrius Jones in the class of 2006.


Kingsley Suamataia
Kingsley Suamataia (

While there has rightfully been a lot of talk about the quarterback position in this 2021 class, a defensive lineman has risen to the top of the overall rankings and he headlines a quartet of linemen who are No. 1 in their states out west. Five-star No. 1 overall Korey Foreman leads the way in the California state rankings, while fellow five-star defensive end J.T. Tuimoloau is No. 1 in Washington. Offensive linemen, meanwhile, lead off another pair of state rankings out west. Scottsdale tackle Bram Walden is No. 1 in Arizona, while four-star Kingsley Suamataia is the top-ranked player in Utah for 2021.


Bryce Foster
Bryce Foster (Nick Lucero/

Offensive tackle Tommy Brockermeyer started as the No. 1 ranked prospect in the state of Texas’ 2021 class, but he did not play a snap in his junior season due to surgery this past summer to repair a torn labrum. His resulting slide kept the Fort Worth native in five-star territory, but allowed others to overtake him in the Texas state rankings. The new No. 1 in Texas is five-star running back Camar Wheaton, one of the fastest players in the country. Five-star offensive guard Bryce Foster also leapfrogged Brockermeyer and takes over as the state’s top-ranked offensive line prospect. Further down the Texas state rankings there is some interesting developments in the quarterback order. Dallas’ Preston Stone remained the top passer in the class, but Garrett Nussmeier and Texas commit Jalen Milroe crept closer after this update and now sit in the spots immediately behind Stone in the state rankings.


Riley Mahlman
Riley Mahlman (Darren Lee/ Photographer)

Three states are being ranked for the first time in the 2021 class with this update, and each of is located in the Midwest. Kansas features a brand new top five that boasts three Kansas State commits, including safety Davonte Pritchard who debuts at No. 1 in the first state ranking. The state of Minnesota also is being ranked for the first time in the 2021 class. Iowa commit Justice Sullivan and Wisconsin commit Riley Mahlman debut at the top of that list. Wisconsin is the third Midwest state that has a first time ranking in this update, and a familiar name to the home-state Badger fans, offensive tackle J.P. Benzschawel, leads the 2021 class there.


Amarius Mims
Amarius Mims (

The state of Georgia has produced the No. 1 overall player in a class twice in the last decade, and they have a pair of strong contenders for that title in this 2021 class. Quarterback Brock Vandagriff started as the No. 1 ranked prospect in this class last summer, but he was unseated in the national rankings as well as in his own state. Vandagriff only slides to No. 4 in the Rivals100, but one of those who surpasses him in this update is fellow Georgian Amarius Mims. A five-star offensive tackle, Mims is No. 2 in the Rivals100 now and the top-ranked player in the state of Georgia’s 2021 class. There will be five more updates to the Rivals100 between now and when the final rankings for the class are cemented, and Mims and Vandagriff should battle for the top spot in-state throughout.